Review of the WD MyCloud Storage Device

Western Digital MyCloud Review

Review of the WD MyCloud Personal Cloud Disk

I got a new toy… I mean, productivity tool recently. From Western Digital, meet My Cloud.

No, not your cloud and certainly not our cloud. My Cloud. Mine.

The Cloud is where it’s at now; more and more software companies are turning to The Cloud as a way to store their software, update it for users and oh yes, force people to pay subscriptions instead of buying the software outright. (Not too bitter here, though the free updates are nice to have). However, The Cloud has a number of problems for people, mainly based around security concerns and the fact that if your internet breaks down or you don’t have reliable internet-and yes, this is a real concern; according to statistics about 3% of Americans still have dial-up internet and only about 70% have broadband. Furthermore, many people have their internet regularly knocked out by poor weather, economic conditions and other factors. All of that means that access to The Cloud becomes very difficult which in turn means it’s hard to access your programs and files when the internet conks out! Beyond that, there are always security concerns and plenty of people are simply not comfortable with their information floating around in some wild blue yonder.

Who Should Buy the WD MyCloud Centralized Storage Device?

People who are concerned about security issues on some server out there on the internet, there is the Western Digital My Cloud, a nifty crossover between Dropbox and a portable hard drive with a minimum of 2 terabytes of space (and as much as 4!) It gives you the access to upload all manner of files, from documents to photos to music and video and then access those files from every device hooked to the WD My Cloud, both PC and Mac (and even Linux if you’re willing to do some fiddling), including smartphones and tablets. You get the ability to back-up all of your files (Always a good thing) and to then access those files remotely from any device you have hooked to the system, no matter where you are.

Uploading your files to the My Cloud is generally a snap, thanks to the Gigabit Ethernet port which allows you to load up even movies and music fairly quickly. In real time, you’re looking at a read performance of about 96MBps and a write speed of 55MBps. This isn’t as fast as more expensive systems, but for something affordable, it’s pretty quick. It’s also a fairly simple device to use and if you’re having trouble, the My Cloud system comes with a concierge service which you can call up to get help. It’s very mobile device friendly as well as PC/tablet/laptop friendly.

Worried about the device crashing and you losing everything? The My Cloud does have ‘safepoints’ which is a snapshot of the drive to be stored on another storage drive. You can recover all of your data from this safepoint if your drive crashes and burns. Now, Safepoint may not always work, so you can get around this by using a direct connection and using things like GoodSync to automatically sync your data such as what Dropbox does. If Safepoint does work for you, yay!

Finally, the Western Digital My Cloud has a good price tag of about $150.00 to $200.00, making it cheaper than many portable hard drives, but with a bit more functionality to them!

Now for the ugly. The speed for transferring data isn’t bad, but it’s not as fast as other, higher priced machines. The Apple Time Machine backup (the ability to back up your Mac software alongside PC) doesn’t have any share size limits and so you can fill your drive with Time Machine backups without even realizing it! The mobile app has no quick file finding (so stay organized!) and it’s not very organized anyway, so it’s hard to really micromanage. And finally, for the Linux users in the room, you’ll have to figure out how to wrangle it yourself; there is no official support, although trawling forums will likely yield you some good information.

Overall however, this is a pretty nifty little device and very useful for those of with data spread across four machines! It makes for a great way to back-up your files, access files no matter where you are with whatever you like and it’s safer than The Cloud when it comes to security. So if you want great backup and easy remote access without trusting your files to another company, check out Western Digital My Cloud.

Now if you’ll excuse me…. My Cloud awaits!

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