How to Take the Plunge into Internet Marketing (Properly!)

Let me tell you a story….

Internet Marketing Business Tips

Real Life Tips for Starting an Internet Marketing Business

When I first got started as an affiliate marketer, I jumped in with my headfirst and my brain… well, lost somewhere. Oh I certainly had ideas and I had some great mentors to get started with, but I made some assumptions that bit me in the butt and I made some mistakes, not to mention the fact that I got a little too intoxicated on my newfound wealth and freedom and lost some control! It took some hard knocks, but when I recovered from my mistakes, I went about the world of the internet with a great deal more humility and sense!

But I’m far from the only person who dove straight into an internet business only to have it bite back. Statistically speaking, most business ventures online and offline fail—the key difference being that if you fail online, you won’t usually lose too much unless you manage to fail spectacularly! But it’s still very important to take the plunge into the world of the internet in a sensible fashion so that you don’t end up with a lot of backsplash.

Careful Planning

It’s never a good idea to fly into anything half-cocked and running an internet business (or several) is no different. Before you quit your day job, make sure you have figured out what you want be an affiliate marketer for, how you’ll build up and market your sites, whether and whom you’ll need to hire for help, how you’ll run and update your sites and everything else you need to lay the foundation for a successful business. Not only will this help you build a good roadmap for success, but it should also get you pretty pumped and ready to go!

Don’t Quit Your Day Job Too Soon

As tempting as it is to write your snarky resignation letter to your HR department, hold off for a while. You’ll still need your ‘day job’ income to supplement your online income until you’re making enough that quitting won’t damage your bottom line too much. Too many people quit too soon, live off their credit cards, spiral into debt and then have to go back to working for someone else in spite of themselves. Make sure you stockpile some savings, work your online business on the side and hold on to that snarky letter until you’re actually ready to go. Sure it sucks, but better that than having your online business crash and being too deep in debt to try again.

Have a Good Support Network

Affiliate marketers do a lot of their work alone, but as we’ve already discussed, this tendency can lead to depression, exhaustion and loneliness. When you’re just getting started, it’s even more important to have that support network in place so that you have people who are going to check up on you, make sure you eat and even support you financially if that’s possible. Never be afraid to ask for help while your business is in its fledgling position and never be ashamed to accept help when it’s offered. After all, you’re going to need a lot of energy to get your business off the ground, so getting people to help give you wings will be very important!

Never Fear Failure

The internet is full of stories of people who have launched a web business only to have it flop. The success stories belong to those who failed and then tried again and again until they got it right. Certainly you may have trouble and struggle, but the hallmark of a successful entrepreneur is the ability to get back up again and go at it harder and better. Indeed, the hallmark of any success is the ability to get up from the previous failures; why do you think we love the underdog stories so much?

Opening a business of any sort anywhere is always a risk and just because it’s generally more affordable to do it online doesn’t mean that it’s not risky. Plan carefully, work smart and don’t fear change and you’ll do just fine in the end. Good luck!

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