Tips to Get Connected as an Affiliate Marketer

How to Get Connected in Affiliate Marketing

Tips for Getting Connected in Affiliate Marketing

There is something which many people who tout the ‘working for yourself’ and ‘working from home’ shtick fail to mention: it’s lonely.

Working from home (or from Starbucks, your trailer, etc.) means doing pretty well everything by yourself. No co-workers to commiserate with (unless you have that good a relationship with people you have subcontracted work to), no office parties and no work buddies to hang out with for a beer after an eight hour shift.

After simple business failures, loneliness is one of the big reasons why many people end up quitting this life altogether and go back to working for someone else.

Humans thrive on interaction-without it, it’s all too easy to feel depressed, cut off, lonely and without purpose. As an affiliate marketer, it’s very important to stay connected so that your business can thrive.

So how can you stay connected as an affiliate marketer?

Getting Connected on Social Media

You should already be using social media as a way to get information out there about your business. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest or something else, social media should already be a part of your strategy when it comes to getting customers and getting the word out there about what you’re doing.

But what about for yourself? Social media can also be used to do all kinds of things to make you feel less cut off from your fellow man. Of course you have your personal accounts where you can maintain friendships, but you can do something similar to ‘work buddies’ on your business accounts. Do this by promoting conversations with the things you post and then take part in those conversations. Hold fun contests that aren’t necessarily related to your business, but may also be related to things you enjoy such as sports, television shows and other hobbies. And of course, keep an eye out for events around your area that you can attend which will help both you and your business grow.

Take Part in Events

Surprised by this? There are plenty of seminars, conferences, get-togethers and meetings for affiliate marketers and others working in the online world. Many of them tend to be held in huge cities such as Las Vegas, but there are others in smaller communities once you start digging around for them. Take part in some of them!

You’ll make new business contacts, learn some new stuff to help you prosper and make some new friends. It’s also a great chance to commiserate about working online, just as you would in any workplace. And if you cannot find something that is directly related, go for something more indirect: my writer for example attends a writer’s group where she lives on a quasi-regular basis. It’s nothing to do with work writing, but it helps to connect with other writers. And of course, I’ve attended seminars and work conferences all over the place, including the big ones in places like Las Vegas. They’re fun and helpful!

Balance is Key – Don’t Get Buried In Your Work

This is a classic mistake that many, many affiliate marketers and other online workers make: they work all day, every day because the boundary between home life and work life becomes completely blurred. But working too long has been shown to cause higher instances of depression, exhaustion, loneliness and resentment. This is the one thing where the ads for affiliate marketers get it right: one of the benefits of working online is that you can have more free time so long as you manage your time properly:

  • Establish clear boundaries between your work life and your home life, either by working in a dedicated part of your home or by clearly delineating hours of work
  • Clearly establish what days and hours you will work and which days and hours you won’t. My writer won’t work weekends and I fully support that. Everyone needs a break!
  • Take time out every day to connect with other parts of your life, either by enjoying your hobbies, socializing with others and relaxing.
  • Don’t forget that you can bring your computer to travel with you and do a bit of work whenever you want! If you’re going to be sending hours travelling anyway to get somewhere great, you can spend a bit of that time making money for the vacation. Just don’t forget to actually have a vacation!
  • Be firm about your work life and the rest of your life. Some people may try to push you into working more and on their schedule, but as long as you are firm and consistent, this won’t last forever.

Just like working anywhere else: a rested and connected affiliate marketer is a productive and happy one!

Working online is ironically a lonely business if you don’t take the initiative and the time to make sure you stay connected to others. Take part in your own social media campaigns, seek out other marketers and others in your business and take the time to enjoy the things you love. You’ll feel much better in your work, do better work and you won’t bow down to depression and loneliness. So have fun with your business and get to know your fellow marketers!

Here is a List of Some Really Great Marketing Conferences to Attend:

Starting with my all time favorite affiliate networking event, Affiliate Summit, where I’ve presented and spoken on panels a few times.

  • Affiliate Summit –
  • Commission Junction University (CJU) –
  • ShareASale Think Tank –
  • Pubcon –
  • LeadsCon – Las Vegas Nevada –
  • Canada Marketing Summit –
  • There are many more great conferences to attend and the key is to get out there, go to the industry conferences and start meeting people.

    If you are a conference organizer and would like to have your conference feature on my blog then go ahead and get hold of me using the contact form on the “Contact Colin” page.

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