The Importance of Hiring Unique Workers to Grow Your Business

We’ve already talked (some) about the importance of bringing in new workers every once in a while to handle things in your business that you don’t have the time, inclination or talent to do yourself. We’ve talked a bit about handling freelancers, when you want to bring one in and how you want to treat them so that you have a hard working employee for life, or at least the life of your business. And when I went to the Canada Marketing Summit a few weeks ago, the lesson of bringing on more workers to grow my business was reinforced to me.

But we haven’t talked at about moving beyond the freelancer into more unique workers. Thinking outside the box in terms of employees can bring all kinds of great things to your business: a new perspective, a giggle or two, some down time to rest and relax and reminders to take care of yourself!

This is my latest hire. Well, I say ‘hire’, but I don’t pay him in money per se. He’s actually more of an intern, but I don’t dare make him work 8 hour days. He just wanders off if I try.

Without Further Ado – I Bring To You:
Blackie – The Intern Cat

Hiring Interns

Blackie – The Intern Cat

Yes, he’s hard at work, researching cats online-particularly the movie star cats of YouTube. It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it and I just don’t have the time!

Blackie also does things like remind me to eat (and remind me to feed him), puts me down for a nap when he’s tired and persuade me to take time out to loaf in the sunshine with him. All of these things are just what I need to stay healthy and without him around, I doubt I’d do any of it very well! And of course, when Blackie says it’s time to get off the computer, it’s time to get off! Those YouTube videos won’t watch themselves after all. Besides, if I’m on the computer for too long, my eyes hurt and my hands cramp up and I’m sure he knows that and cares about it (sort of).

As an intern, Blackie has all kinds of responsibilities. He has to make sure we all eat (himself in particular, but me too, particularly if I’m eating something he likes). He has to make sure he knows where all the sunbeams are so that I know to keep them away from the computers. He had to make sure to keep the bed, the desk and the couch from floating away (hard work that!) And of course, he has to spend part of the day researching cat videos for inspiration.

I don’t have to pay him one cent; however, he does demand to be fed on a regular basis, enjoys being scratched behind the ears, and wants his corner to sleep in whenever he likes. His hours are incredibly flexible and he never takes a vacation. On the other hand, he only works when he feels like it and the rest of the time, I just have to take what I can get. All in all, I’m sure he feels like I get the best part of the bargain: after all, I get him!

All Right, All (er, most) Goofiness Aside

When we think of ways to grow our business, we think of things like hiring freelancers, exploring new marketing strategies, finding new money-making opportunities and networking. Bu there is a lot more to building a business than simply fitting cogs together. There’s also a very human (and animal) element to it: humor (the humor found in YouTube videos of cats for example), self-care (eating, sleeping and exercising regularly are incredibly important!) and socializing (there’s nothing like relaxing with a friend in the sun to recharge the batteries). It can be nearly impossible to work on your business if you’re tired, stressed out, anxious or not taking good care of your health. So my intern Blackie and my freelancer’s interns and partners are more than just adorable pets; they are also great partners to us, reminding us to have fun, relax and take care of ourselves!

Now excuse me while I try to chivvy my cat into hurrying his research up a little-I need my computer back!

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