The Bunny Update: What You Need to Know

Google Bunny Update

Facts About the Google Bunny Algo Update

Some would probably say that Google is trying a little too hard to either be a jackrabbit when it comes to delivering unique content to its users or a cuddly bunny in how it’s trying to name its updates in order to bring more people on board, but either way, the rabbit update is coming and we have more details about what the new face of Google will be.

  • Google has reaffirmed its commitment to being able to deliver lightening fast, relevant content. As one programmer put it: ‘We’ve learned a lot from the family Leporidae and one of those things is to be fast and mobile. Taking that lesson from my family pet, we’ve committed again to providing the fastest results on both the computer, tablet and mobile devices.’
  • A more streamlined Google Alerts system, teasingly called ‘Thumper’ by many of the programmers which will more precisely sort through the keywords you put through the Alert system, dates, types of content and the value of that content to deliver only the Alerts you need to your inbox.
  • A full month of Google Doodles related to rabbits, starting April 2.
  • And as we warned yesterday, greater weight given to copy which has keywords related to rabbits somewhere in it. Advertisers should also take note: Rabbits are a hot sell right now!
  • And finally:

    It’s completely fake.

    April Fools!

    Ok, my writer had a good giggle reading these two pieces (she’s easily amused by furry things), but this little prank does illustrate some important things for affiliate marketers. First of all, it is very important to stay on top of Google when it starts making changes to its algorithms and it does so frequently. You should also stay on top of them when they release new information; for example, the patent for the Panda update has been recently released and it’s worth a read-through if you want to know more about why Google chose to do what it did.

    Second, it’s very, very important to always research any claims you are going to make before you start posting! We’ve seen so many debates, controversies, fights and outright flame wars started over blog pieces which turned out to be untrue because the writer didn’t check the facts first. In a world where rumors spread as quickly as someone hitting ‘Share’, it’s even more important to ensure that the work which is being passed around is accurate and relevant or else your reputation will suffer and so will your website.

    And finally, given that Easter is coming, a little side business on affiliate marketing for owning rabbits, shelters for rabbits, food, accessories, breeds and rabbit rescue may not be a bad idea….

    And you never know: Google may go hopping mad one day!

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