Google to Unroll the Bunny Update

As an affiliate marketer, if you’re going to be successful, you have to not only do things like create great content, promote yourself and build a good website, but you also have to keep on top of Google’s updates to its search engine algorithms (i.e., the way Google sorts out search engine results). Google has come out with some major ones in the last few years which completely shook up the way that it sorts out its search engine results.

Believe me, I KNOW!

Here is What You Need to Take Action on for the Google Bunny Update

Google Bunny Algorithm Update

ALERT – The Google Bunny Update is Coming!

Well, we’re staying on top of things this time and we one of the first on the scene to tell you about Google’s latest update which is upcoming very quickly: the Bunny update. All right, the name is just as ridiculous as ones like the Panda and the Penguin, but the actual update is not worth ignoring. If you want to ensure that your site will survive the changes intact, here’s what you need to do now:

  • Make sure your new posts always have the keyword ‘rabbit’, ‘bunny’ ‘jackrabbit’ or ‘Leporidae’. Google spiders will rank these words highly-but make sure it’s done in an organic fashion as per Panda/Penguin updates. If you can get ‘Peter Cottontail’ in there too sometimes, kudos!
  • Alternatively, ensure that you have a photo of a rabbit on your posts. A video of one is even better for rich media purposes.
  • Affiliate marketing for things likes bunny shelters, rescues, food, habitats and toys will boom in 2014, so make sure to get in now (and help those posts contain the right keywords in an organic fashion!)
  • Make sure you stick with your informative, reader friendly content. Everyone likes to read about bunnies and how you can buy them with credit cards, feed them the best carrots, and buy them bunny clothing.
  • More rich media like music, podcasts and even animated games will be even more popular. Better still if you include rabbits!
  • Goodness knows why Google has gone hopping mad for these fuzzy critters, but let’s not naysay the Almighty Google; no one likes having their site lose all their ranks! And there is money to be made in things like bunny breeders, rabbit food, homemade rabbit food, rabbit recipes, rabbit clothing and rabbit habitats and many other things. So, er, have fun and hopefully Google brings out a new update soon, whenever they are done with their silly bunny update!

    The fact is to survive this update regardless what industry you are in, you MUST mention rabbits in your copy if you want to have any hope of achieving a spot anywhere in the top ten coveted spots at the top of Google’s search results!

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