Knowledge is Power in Successful Affiliate Marketing

Tips for Learning Affiliate Marketing

Tips for Getting Affiliate Marketing “Know How”

One of the tenants which successful people live by is to ‘________ what you know.’

Whether that blank in the above paragraph is writing, teaching, selling or working on, one of the tricks to success is to take something you know and build on it.

This is no different with affiliate marketing where people who are successful make it because they began working with what they knew and then continued to build their knowledge base until they became experts, people of influence and people whom others could trust. So how can you build up your knowledge base so that you can turn a profit from it?

Read, Learn & Study Courses Every Day

Reading is the cornerstone for knowledge and the more you read, the more you know! Keeping abreast of your chosen fields should be a ritual you conduct every day; in fact, many people say that you should read up on what you’re selling and what you’re promoting for about one hour a day (one hour for everything, not one hour per thing!) Sound a bit too much to handle? Here are some tips to make it easier:

    1. Set up an ‘alert’ for your email so that every time something is published in your field, it shows up in your inbox. Google has a great ‘alerts’ system where you can establish that once a day (usually morning), you get a list of articles, blogs, posts, videos and other things related to a given search phrase. This is a great way to get all of the information you want in one place.

    2. Establish a good routine for your reading. For example, I do most of my ‘work reading’ in the morning over coffee before I start actually working. Then I let what I read ‘percolate’ for a while (I’ll go for a walk, go run some errands, etc) so that I can come up with ideas based on it!

    3. Sift through your alert results and read only what looks interesting to you and isn’t too repetitive.

Reading up on your fields will keep the inspiration running, keep you abreast on the latest developments and allow you to establish yourself as an expert.

Experiment with Knowledge You’ve Gained

Free trials are a wonderful thing and they are a great way to build up your knowledge. If you’re an affiliate marketer, it’s pretty easy to get those free trials and give them a run for yourself and the better known you are, the easier it is! If you write to software, download trial runs of it so that you can experiment with it for yourself and give people a first hand look at it. If you write about food, try the recipes and the foods for yourself!

Experimenting not only makes it easier to be an authority on something, but it also makes the job more fun. And believe me when I tell you: fun equals good!

Those Who Can Do, Can Teach

“In learning you will teach, in teaching you will learn.” –Phil Collins.

Once you’ve learned a lot in your field and you’re running out of things to learn (ha!), then take some time to pass that knowledge on to someone else.

Teaching has been shown to deepen understanding of a given topic for both the teacher and the student. The reason is that you can approach the early lessons with a deeper understanding of what they’re all about, explaining things to others requires you to look at things from a different angle and it helps to reinforce things that you may not have used in a while!

In fact, one of my neighbors whom has earned her Doctorate and is a professor at a University in the Vancouver area said that to me when I accepted a part-time job teaching internet marketing at a local community college!

Now, there’s never nothing to learn in just about any field, but if you find yourself feeling bored and stale with what you’re doing, trying teaching people about it and see how you can approach a topic from a different side.

Building a great base of knowledge may seem like it will be time consuming, but if you truly feel like what you’re doing is important and you enjoy it, then it won’t be very arduous at all. Furthermore, it sets you up to be a trustworthy expert in the field which means that people will be more likely to buy from you! So take some time out everyday and keep learning!

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