The Importance of Continuing Your Education as an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing Education
On the surface of it, affiliate marketing is a fairly straightforward way to make money: you build up sites for a product or service, you make sure you have some good content, update it regularly, promote the sites and then let the money come in.

And certainly, it is fairly simple to get started and get going. However, the successful affiliate marketers know that there is always more to do, more to learn and more to achieve in order to bring in more money, more free time and more enjoyment. So why should you be continuing your education in affiliate marketing on a regular basis?

Google Will Go On-With or Without You

As the last few updates have shown, affiliate marketers who don’t bother trying to keep up with the times get left behind, badly. As a result of those shake-ups, affiliate marketers have realized that it’s very important to stay on top of what Google is looking for in terms of delivering great sites to browsers. For example, the change from the old keyword spamming to superior content meant a huge shift in how sites were ranked and it caused no end of grief for marketers.

And who’s to say that the next update won’t be the same? It’s important to keep on top of what Google is planning and get ready to ride with it so that your site’s rankings will only improve.

Staying On Top of Updated Information in Your Niche

It’s not enough to simply write ten articles (or have ten written for you), post them on your site and leave them there. Google expects you to update your site regularly, but more importantly, your readers expect regular updates.

This means that you should keep on top of your niche and regularly post updates. For example, if your niche is something like batteries, posting updates on different types of batteries, new kinds of batteries and ways to extend them will be useful to your readers and tell Google that you’re sticking with this site.

It also cements you as an expert in your field; after all, if you’re the first one with the news, then you’re the expert and that makes you and your promotions trustworthy.

Learning from Others

I’ve been in this business for over ten years and I still find plenty of people who can teach me all kinds of things about this business. That’s the point of things like affiliate summits; to bring together a wide range of experts to learn from each other.

Everyone has their own tips, tricks, sources of information, sources of freelance and contract workers and ideas which you can cherry pick to your heart’s content and trade for with your own experiences.

If you’re new to the business, it’s obviously even more important to learn from others, but even the most experienced marketer always has something new to learn. After all, experimenting with your marketing strategy makes the whole thing more fun (even when they flop) and you will probably find some things which work really well that you never would have thought of on your own.

You Will Learn New, Inspiring Things

You never know where the spaghetti trail of research on Google will lead you and what wonderful opportunities you can discover while you were looking for something else.

Opportunity may knock, but it’s more like to come to you if you go looking for it and the best way to do that is to keep your mind open. I cannot count the number of times I’ve come up with a new affiliate marketing idea while doing research on another site! So open up your mind to the possibilities, continue reading widely and keep learning!

I’ve seen many people who claim that affiliate marketing requires little learning and no education and while it’s easy to get started, there’s no reason why you should turn your brain off!

Educating yourself on the ways that Google ranks sites, learning from others who are in the same business, keeping on top of the latest trends in your niche and of course, reading regularly to get more ideas will help to keep your sites dynamic and keep your interest and the interest of your traffic.

So keep learning and keep trying new things; your traffic, your sites and your interest in your work will thank you!

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