Hiring Workers to Grow Your Business

The Importance of Hiring Unique Workers to Grow Your Business

We’ve already talked (some) about the importance of bringing in new workers every once in a while to handle things in your business that you don’t have the time, inclination or talent to do yourself. We’ve talked a bit about handling freelancers, when you want to bring one in and how you want to treat them so that you have a hard working employee for life, or at least the life of your business. And when I went to the Canada Marketing Summit a few weeks ago, the lesson of bringing on more workers to grow my business was reinforced to me.

But we haven’t talked at about moving beyond the freelancer into more unique workers. Thinking outside the box in terms of employees can bring all kinds of great things to your business: a new perspective, a giggle or two, some down time to rest and relax and reminders to take care of yourself!

This is my latest hire. Well, I say ‘hire’, but I don’t pay him in money per se. He’s actually more of an intern, but I don’t dare make him work 8 hour days. He just wanders off if I try.

Without Further Ado – I Bring To You:
Blackie – The Intern Cat

Hiring Interns

Blackie – The Intern Cat

Yes, he’s hard at work, researching cats online-particularly the movie star cats of YouTube. It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it and I just don’t have the time!

Blackie also does things like remind me to eat (and remind me to feed him), puts me down for a nap when he’s tired and persuade me to take time out to loaf in the sunshine with him. All of these things are just what I need to stay healthy and without him around, I doubt I’d do any of it very well! And of course, when Blackie says it’s time to get off the computer, it’s time to get off! Those YouTube videos won’t watch themselves after all. Besides, if I’m on the computer for too long, my eyes hurt and my hands cramp up and I’m sure he knows that and cares about it (sort of).

As an intern, Blackie has all kinds of responsibilities. He has to make sure we all eat (himself in particular, but me too, particularly if I’m eating something he likes). He has to make sure he knows where all the sunbeams are so that I know to keep them away from the computers. He had to make sure to keep the bed, the desk and the couch from floating away (hard work that!) And of course, he has to spend part of the day researching cat videos for inspiration.

I don’t have to pay him one cent; however, he does demand to be fed on a regular basis, enjoys being scratched behind the ears, and wants his corner to sleep in whenever he likes. His hours are incredibly flexible and he never takes a vacation. On the other hand, he only works when he feels like it and the rest of the time, I just have to take what I can get. All in all, I’m sure he feels like I get the best part of the bargain: after all, I get him!

All Right, All (er, most) Goofiness Aside

When we think of ways to grow our business, we think of things like hiring freelancers, exploring new marketing strategies, finding new money-making opportunities and networking. Bu there is a lot more to building a business than simply fitting cogs together. There’s also a very human (and animal) element to it: humor (the humor found in YouTube videos of cats for example), self-care (eating, sleeping and exercising regularly are incredibly important!) and socializing (there’s nothing like relaxing with a friend in the sun to recharge the batteries). It can be nearly impossible to work on your business if you’re tired, stressed out, anxious or not taking good care of your health. So my intern Blackie and my freelancer’s interns and partners are more than just adorable pets; they are also great partners to us, reminding us to have fun, relax and take care of ourselves!

Now excuse me while I try to chivvy my cat into hurrying his research up a little-I need my computer back!

Google Bunny Algo Update

The Bunny Update: What You Need to Know

Google Bunny Update

Facts About the Google Bunny Algo Update

Some would probably say that Google is trying a little too hard to either be a jackrabbit when it comes to delivering unique content to its users or a cuddly bunny in how it’s trying to name its updates in order to bring more people on board, but either way, the rabbit update is coming and we have more details about what the new face of Google will be.

  • Google has reaffirmed its commitment to being able to deliver lightening fast, relevant content. As one programmer put it: ‘We’ve learned a lot from the family Leporidae and one of those things is to be fast and mobile. Taking that lesson from my family pet, we’ve committed again to providing the fastest results on both the computer, tablet and mobile devices.’
  • A more streamlined Google Alerts system, teasingly called ‘Thumper’ by many of the programmers which will more precisely sort through the keywords you put through the Alert system, dates, types of content and the value of that content to deliver only the Alerts you need to your inbox.
  • A full month of Google Doodles related to rabbits, starting April 2.
  • And as we warned yesterday, greater weight given to copy which has keywords related to rabbits somewhere in it. Advertisers should also take note: Rabbits are a hot sell right now!
  • And finally:

    It’s completely fake.

    April Fools!

    Ok, my writer had a good giggle reading these two pieces (she’s easily amused by furry things), but this little prank does illustrate some important things for affiliate marketers. First of all, it is very important to stay on top of Google when it starts making changes to its algorithms and it does so frequently. You should also stay on top of them when they release new information; for example, the patent for the Panda update has been recently released and it’s worth a read-through if you want to know more about why Google chose to do what it did.

    Second, it’s very, very important to always research any claims you are going to make before you start posting! We’ve seen so many debates, controversies, fights and outright flame wars started over blog pieces which turned out to be untrue because the writer didn’t check the facts first. In a world where rumors spread as quickly as someone hitting ‘Share’, it’s even more important to ensure that the work which is being passed around is accurate and relevant or else your reputation will suffer and so will your website.

    And finally, given that Easter is coming, a little side business on affiliate marketing for owning rabbits, shelters for rabbits, food, accessories, breeds and rabbit rescue may not be a bad idea….

    And you never know: Google may go hopping mad one day!

    Tips for Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing

    How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

    Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing

    Tips for Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is a popular way to make money from home now as it costs you nothing to get started, it allows you to work from home and make some supplementary income (or even make the whole of your income!) and it allows you to indulge in what you love doing and talking about. It sounds wonderful, but many people don’t know how to get started and that results in a great deal of frustration and many people quitting on their dreams.

    So how can you get started on your affiliate marketing scheme on the right path from the start?

    Obviously the very first thing you want to do is figure out what you want to sell and what you want to get others excited about. Once you’ve done, you’re ready for these four steps.

    Decide on What Kind of Website Affiliate Marketing do You Want

    Affiliate marketing comes in all flavors, but their vehicle runs generally one of four types. They are:

    • Blogs: Blogs are easy to set up and monetize and allow you to write about things you love and market them. They can be very informal and interactive, they’re easy to spread around and they can be really fun. However, in order to be successful, you have to update your blog regularly, connect with your readers and market yourself.
    • Coupon: Coupon sites allow you to provide up to date coupons for the businesses you are affiliated with. They are hugely popular since everyone loves to save money on their necessities; however, it’s very important to keep your coupon site updated to the minute as your visitors will expect viable deals when they visit.
    • Review Sites: Review sites are another popular way to go as they allow you to establish yourself as an authority in your field, making you more trustworthy. Review sites can cover anything you like, from technology to fashion and they can be written in a very informal and friendly tone. Like the coupon sites, you have to keep your site updated to the minute in order to be useful to readers, particularly in high paced sectors.
    • Download sites: Download sites are very lucrative as they allow you to get people ‘hooked’ on products through things like trial software, demos and free samples. However, they also require a great deal of work. You have to establish yourself as reliable, updated and extremely trustworthy; furthermore, you have to offer downloads that people will actually use and will lead to sales after the trial versions expire. Download sites are most commonly found with software and technology, but things like publishing houses are starting to become more visible.

    What’s in a Name? A Domain Name that Is

    The next thing to do is figure out the name of your domain. A domain name is extremely important as it’s how people will find you and remember you, so make sure you pick one that is suitable. Choose a name that is relevant in someway to your business and choose the place where you want to buy your domain name from. You can buy domain names through a third party or find one through domain registrars. You may have to be a bit flexible in your name, particularly the ‘extension’, as something like .com may not be available. There are a few other affidavits to bear in mind: .org is generally reserved for non-profit organizations and charities and .edu is for schools. Otherwise, the sky is usually the limit!

    Who’s the Host?

    A hosting service is what allows your site to be connected to the internet so the world can see it! You pay a fee-monthly or annual-to the company to use their servers and their storage so that you can keep your sites, update them and tear them down as you like. Most companies offer hosting service plans plus domain name registration, so make sure you know what you want and need so that you can choose the best plan for you.

    Choose your Theme

    Ok, so now things can get fun. You can either have your website built from scratch or you can choose a theme. Website themes bring together colors, designs, fonts, graphics and other things to make your site readable, functional and useful for yourself and your readers. Themes also have fewer security issues, are updated regularly and come with a high level of support if you buy it from something like your web host. If you hire out your web design to a freelancer, then it might be a good idea to put your designer on your payroll so you can have him or her update your site regularly, keep an eye on security and fix anything that breaks.

    Once you have what kind of site you want, your domain name, your host and your theme, you’re ready to start filling your site with content of all sorts, market it and start making money! But take the time to plan out what you want to sell, how you want to sell and what you want your site to look like. All of this will lead to greater success in affiliate marketing and a more enjoyable time overall.

    I am currently working on a full training program and will make an announcement on my blog where I will show you, in step-by-step detail, exactly how to get your

    Educating Yourself as an Affiliate Marketer

    The Importance of Continuing Your Education as an Affiliate Marketer

    Affiliate Marketing Education
    On the surface of it, affiliate marketing is a fairly straightforward way to make money: you build up sites for a product or service, you make sure you have some good content, update it regularly, promote the sites and then let the money come in.

    And certainly, it is fairly simple to get started and get going. However, the successful affiliate marketers know that there is always more to do, more to learn and more to achieve in order to bring in more money, more free time and more enjoyment. So why should you be continuing your education in affiliate marketing on a regular basis?

    Google Will Go On-With or Without You

    As the last few updates have shown, affiliate marketers who don’t bother trying to keep up with the times get left behind, badly. As a result of those shake-ups, affiliate marketers have realized that it’s very important to stay on top of what Google is looking for in terms of delivering great sites to browsers. For example, the change from the old keyword spamming to superior content meant a huge shift in how sites were ranked and it caused no end of grief for marketers.

    And who’s to say that the next update won’t be the same? It’s important to keep on top of what Google is planning and get ready to ride with it so that your site’s rankings will only improve.

    Staying On Top of Updated Information in Your Niche

    It’s not enough to simply write ten articles (or have ten written for you), post them on your site and leave them there. Google expects you to update your site regularly, but more importantly, your readers expect regular updates.

    This means that you should keep on top of your niche and regularly post updates. For example, if your niche is something like batteries, posting updates on different types of batteries, new kinds of batteries and ways to extend them will be useful to your readers and tell Google that you’re sticking with this site.

    It also cements you as an expert in your field; after all, if you’re the first one with the news, then you’re the expert and that makes you and your promotions trustworthy.

    Learning from Others

    I’ve been in this business for over ten years and I still find plenty of people who can teach me all kinds of things about this business. That’s the point of things like affiliate summits; to bring together a wide range of experts to learn from each other.

    Everyone has their own tips, tricks, sources of information, sources of freelance and contract workers and ideas which you can cherry pick to your heart’s content and trade for with your own experiences.

    If you’re new to the business, it’s obviously even more important to learn from others, but even the most experienced marketer always has something new to learn. After all, experimenting with your marketing strategy makes the whole thing more fun (even when they flop) and you will probably find some things which work really well that you never would have thought of on your own.

    You Will Learn New, Inspiring Things

    You never know where the spaghetti trail of research on Google will lead you and what wonderful opportunities you can discover while you were looking for something else.

    Opportunity may knock, but it’s more like to come to you if you go looking for it and the best way to do that is to keep your mind open. I cannot count the number of times I’ve come up with a new affiliate marketing idea while doing research on another site! So open up your mind to the possibilities, continue reading widely and keep learning!

    I’ve seen many people who claim that affiliate marketing requires little learning and no education and while it’s easy to get started, there’s no reason why you should turn your brain off!

    Educating yourself on the ways that Google ranks sites, learning from others who are in the same business, keeping on top of the latest trends in your niche and of course, reading regularly to get more ideas will help to keep your sites dynamic and keep your interest and the interest of your traffic.

    So keep learning and keep trying new things; your traffic, your sites and your interest in your work will thank you!

    How to Work With Freelance Writers

    Building a Great Relationship With Your Freelancers

    Working with Freelance Writers

    Tips for Working With Freelance Writers

    It’s very important-after a certain point-to find people who can help your business grow and/or take on aspects of your business that you feel weak in doing (or just loathe doing!) and this means a bit of a heart-wrenching search to find those people. It’s also something of a never ending search because you never know what you’ll need until you need it! I’ve done it myself (and continue to do it every so often) and I can tell you this: it can be hard.

    A key component at this point is the relationships you build with those you outsource work to. I’ve seen many schools of thought on this, from the micro-managers to the clients who let their workers go wild without much in the way of guidance. I’ve seen more than enough clients try to pay as little as possible to their freelancers, others who probably pay way too much; clients with no backbone and clients with too much! And those I haven’t seen, my writer has rolled her eyes over.

    Building a solid relationship though is very important, particularly if you don’t want to be searching for new freelancers every six months, thus changing the tones of your website and starting the trust game over again. While I cannot say for certain what works for everyone, I can say what has worked rather well for me. I have been working with a freelance writer who owns her own business called Quill for Hire for about four years now and while there have been a few bumps here and there, we definitely have what could be termed a solid working relationship and a friendship. So here’s what’s worked for us:

    • Patience and understanding. My writer has a family, including a son with a disability who requires a lot more extra care than the average kid. By being flexible in my deadlines and patient when she has to work weird hours, I’ve built up a lot more tolerance on her end when I’m late (and I’ve been late with payments, work and other things before because, hey, life happens!) and a better attitude with a less stressed out writer. Your freelancer has a life outside of work: honor it.
    • Reasonable pay. Quill for Hire is pretty affordable and when I first met her, she was incredibly cheap. However, don’t think for one moment it stayed that way and that I badgered her about raising her prices! Freelancers have to eat, they have to pay bills, they enjoy doing things and they need money to do it! By being skinflint about your pay, consistently paying late and generally being difficult, you will get a resentful worker who will ultimately quit on you. If you cannot afford to outsource your work, don’t. When you can afford to pay a proper amount, then hire out. Remember: you get what you pay for and if you pay too little and don’t do things like allow increases regularly and don’t give bonuses and pay late, you will get garbage in return. (On that topic: bonus=good!)
    • Try to give interesting work and value their input: My writer has some pretty awesome ideas for niche websites and I pay her to run with them. Many people try to keep their workers on one or two sites and nothing else and hey, maybe that works. But I find that I have a happier, more creative and more energized writer when I let her do some work that isn’t related to my core sites and take her ideas. Remember: your content writers/designers, etc. have to keep working on your site long after you’re done, so try to keep it interesting! And if you can’t do that, again, bonuses go a long way.
    • Say something nice. It’s very easy to badger freelancers, to critique them and then ignore them when they’re doing their job right. While any good worker will take your critique and learn from it, even the best freelancer will need some encouragement and kind words. Don’t ignore your freelancers when they are doing a good job-compliment them! This will give most workers impetus to keep working hard and doing well which will reflect positively in your business.

    Building a great relationship with my content writer has led to great dividends for my business and a good friendship. I have a writer who will write just about anything for me, from credit cards to energy to insurances with a smile on her face (usually) and she can rely on me to help her when she needs it by relying on my regular pay and regular words of encouragement layered on top of a solid friendship. We’ve now been working together for about four years and will hopefully continue to work together for a long time and that’s the kind of investment that is worth the time, money and risk taking to get.

    So take a chance, do a bit of research and treat your outsourced workers well! You may end up with someone as awesome and wonderful as Quill for Hire, my personal content writer and a good friend.

    Tips for Starting an Internet Marketing Business

    How to Take the Plunge into Internet Marketing (Properly!)

    Let me tell you a story….

    Internet Marketing Business Tips

    Real Life Tips for Starting an Internet Marketing Business

    When I first got started as an affiliate marketer, I jumped in with my headfirst and my brain… well, lost somewhere. Oh I certainly had ideas and I had some great mentors to get started with, but I made some assumptions that bit me in the butt and I made some mistakes, not to mention the fact that I got a little too intoxicated on my newfound wealth and freedom and lost some control! It took some hard knocks, but when I recovered from my mistakes, I went about the world of the internet with a great deal more humility and sense!

    But I’m far from the only person who dove straight into an internet business only to have it bite back. Statistically speaking, most business ventures online and offline fail—the key difference being that if you fail online, you won’t usually lose too much unless you manage to fail spectacularly! But it’s still very important to take the plunge into the world of the internet in a sensible fashion so that you don’t end up with a lot of backsplash.

    Careful Planning

    It’s never a good idea to fly into anything half-cocked and running an internet business (or several) is no different. Before you quit your day job, make sure you have figured out what you want be an affiliate marketer for, how you’ll build up and market your sites, whether and whom you’ll need to hire for help, how you’ll run and update your sites and everything else you need to lay the foundation for a successful business. Not only will this help you build a good roadmap for success, but it should also get you pretty pumped and ready to go!

    Don’t Quit Your Day Job Too Soon

    As tempting as it is to write your snarky resignation letter to your HR department, hold off for a while. You’ll still need your ‘day job’ income to supplement your online income until you’re making enough that quitting won’t damage your bottom line too much. Too many people quit too soon, live off their credit cards, spiral into debt and then have to go back to working for someone else in spite of themselves. Make sure you stockpile some savings, work your online business on the side and hold on to that snarky letter until you’re actually ready to go. Sure it sucks, but better that than having your online business crash and being too deep in debt to try again.

    Have a Good Support Network

    Affiliate marketers do a lot of their work alone, but as we’ve already discussed, this tendency can lead to depression, exhaustion and loneliness. When you’re just getting started, it’s even more important to have that support network in place so that you have people who are going to check up on you, make sure you eat and even support you financially if that’s possible. Never be afraid to ask for help while your business is in its fledgling position and never be ashamed to accept help when it’s offered. After all, you’re going to need a lot of energy to get your business off the ground, so getting people to help give you wings will be very important!

    Never Fear Failure

    The internet is full of stories of people who have launched a web business only to have it flop. The success stories belong to those who failed and then tried again and again until they got it right. Certainly you may have trouble and struggle, but the hallmark of a successful entrepreneur is the ability to get back up again and go at it harder and better. Indeed, the hallmark of any success is the ability to get up from the previous failures; why do you think we love the underdog stories so much?

    Opening a business of any sort anywhere is always a risk and just because it’s generally more affordable to do it online doesn’t mean that it’s not risky. Plan carefully, work smart and don’t fear change and you’ll do just fine in the end. Good luck!

    Tips for Outsourcing Online Business Jobs

    Contracting Out Some of your Work

    Online Business Outsourcing Tips

    Some Tips to Help You Outsource Your Work That Needs to Get Done

    You’ve been doing all the work of your business yourself so far: building the site, maintaining it, doing the content, working the social media, updating your information and so on.

    However after a certain point, assuming you want to expand, you’re going to need some help. After all, last I checked, there’s still only twenty-four hours in a day and you want to be able to eat, sleep and spend time with your family, friends and hobbies!

    When you hit this point, it’s time to bring some help on board. But how do you sift through the shysters, the cheaters, the people who don’t really know what they’re doing and the people who you’ll never work well with no matter how wonderful they are? Well, it is one part trial and error, but I can give you some ideas of how best to start looking and some tips that have worked for me in the past.

    Top Outsourcing Websites

    Coming Soon…..

    Know Your Limits, Work Within It

    What do you enjoy doing in your business and what do you dread doing? This is a great place to start when you begin looking for places where you can do your outsourcing. Some people hate to do the website building and love to do social media. Some people hate to do the writing and love to do the coding. Draw up some lists of things you love to do in your business, things you ‘put up with’ and things you hate and then find people who love and are able to do the things you hate. This frees up a great deal of your time to concentrate on the aspects of the business you enjoy.

    Looking for Freelancers/Contract Workers

    All right, so you know what kind of people you want joining you up, at least insofar as what you need doing is concerned. So where do you start looking? Well, there are a number of places out there which connect business owners like you and I with contract workers:

    • Elance
    • Freelancer.com
    • oDesk
    • Craigslist (though be careful here!)
    • Local job postings
    • Monster
    • LinkedIn
    • Affiliate marketing summits and conferences: I’ve received and given recommendations for workers and if you can get to these places, they’re a great place to find contractors

    Do keep in mind that with any of these places, you’ll have to put down your own filters. For example, do you want people with experience or do you want to be able to ‘train them up right’ in your own image (or a combination)? Do you want someone from your native country or do you just want someone who is able to speak/read/work in your native language? How much of a factor is price? Do you want to be able to meet face-to-face on a regular basis or do you not mind working over email? I cannot tell you which things you should look for in particular as it will depend on your preferences, but a few guidelines I can suggest include:

    • It’s best to work with people whose native language shares your own
    • The closer the time zones, the easier it is on everyone
    • I’ve had as much success working face to face as I have had working over long distances
    • The bigger your budget, the better quality work you’ll tend to get (though there are other factors at play here which we’ll get into another time).
    • Ten years experience in the field does not necessarily equal someone perfect to you; however, they should be able to demonstrate some experience where you want them to work, even if it’s just from school and hobbies.

    These filters are a good place to get started, but of course, you have to take into account your own preferences and some trial and error!

    Be Specific in What You Want

    All right, now for my next point—and I’ve had contract workers roll their eyes and complain about this to me before, so I know it’s a real thing!

    Once you know what you want and you have an idea of where you’re going to start looking, make sure you have a clear idea of your expectations, your timeline and your budget. Leave some wiggle room obviously, but the more clear you are in your expectations, the easier it will be to sift out the problem workers and find the ones who will actually do what you want, how you want it done. This is a good thing for the freelancers looking for work too: professionals are more likely to pay attention to a detailed, well thought out job post than they are to something vague.

    This means that you should spend some time figuring out exactly what you want and then write it out for your prospects to read. Be prepared to answer questions and while you should show some flexibility, the bottom line should be maintained.

    Finally Words of Wisdom – Be Patient

    Finding great contract workers for your business takes time. You will probably not find the people with whom you will work best right away and that can be frustrating. But keep an open mind, keep your needs in mind, and keep looking and building your team until you have what you want for your business to prosper.

    We’ll get into more tips about your contract workers including things like pay and how to work with them later; we’ll leave you at the point where you can start hunting them down yourself. Good luck and remember: try a variety of places, know what you want from your workers and the work and be patient!

    Getting Affiliate Marketing Know How Tips

    Knowledge is Power in Successful Affiliate Marketing

    Tips for Learning Affiliate Marketing

    Tips for Getting Affiliate Marketing “Know How”

    One of the tenants which successful people live by is to ‘________ what you know.’

    Whether that blank in the above paragraph is writing, teaching, selling or working on, one of the tricks to success is to take something you know and build on it.

    This is no different with affiliate marketing where people who are successful make it because they began working with what they knew and then continued to build their knowledge base until they became experts, people of influence and people whom others could trust. So how can you build up your knowledge base so that you can turn a profit from it?

    Read, Learn & Study Courses Every Day

    Reading is the cornerstone for knowledge and the more you read, the more you know! Keeping abreast of your chosen fields should be a ritual you conduct every day; in fact, many people say that you should read up on what you’re selling and what you’re promoting for about one hour a day (one hour for everything, not one hour per thing!) Sound a bit too much to handle? Here are some tips to make it easier:

      1. Set up an ‘alert’ for your email so that every time something is published in your field, it shows up in your inbox. Google has a great ‘alerts’ system where you can establish that once a day (usually morning), you get a list of articles, blogs, posts, videos and other things related to a given search phrase. This is a great way to get all of the information you want in one place.

      2. Establish a good routine for your reading. For example, I do most of my ‘work reading’ in the morning over coffee before I start actually working. Then I let what I read ‘percolate’ for a while (I’ll go for a walk, go run some errands, etc) so that I can come up with ideas based on it!

      3. Sift through your alert results and read only what looks interesting to you and isn’t too repetitive.

    Reading up on your fields will keep the inspiration running, keep you abreast on the latest developments and allow you to establish yourself as an expert.

    Experiment with Knowledge You’ve Gained

    Free trials are a wonderful thing and they are a great way to build up your knowledge. If you’re an affiliate marketer, it’s pretty easy to get those free trials and give them a run for yourself and the better known you are, the easier it is! If you write to software, download trial runs of it so that you can experiment with it for yourself and give people a first hand look at it. If you write about food, try the recipes and the foods for yourself!

    Experimenting not only makes it easier to be an authority on something, but it also makes the job more fun. And believe me when I tell you: fun equals good!

    Those Who Can Do, Can Teach

    “In learning you will teach, in teaching you will learn.” –Phil Collins.

    Once you’ve learned a lot in your field and you’re running out of things to learn (ha!), then take some time to pass that knowledge on to someone else.

    Teaching has been shown to deepen understanding of a given topic for both the teacher and the student. The reason is that you can approach the early lessons with a deeper understanding of what they’re all about, explaining things to others requires you to look at things from a different angle and it helps to reinforce things that you may not have used in a while!

    In fact, one of my neighbors whom has earned her Doctorate and is a professor at a University in the Vancouver area said that to me when I accepted a part-time job teaching internet marketing at a local community college!

    Now, there’s never nothing to learn in just about any field, but if you find yourself feeling bored and stale with what you’re doing, trying teaching people about it and see how you can approach a topic from a different side.

    Building a great base of knowledge may seem like it will be time consuming, but if you truly feel like what you’re doing is important and you enjoy it, then it won’t be very arduous at all. Furthermore, it sets you up to be a trustworthy expert in the field which means that people will be more likely to buy from you! So take some time out everyday and keep learning!

    If you need my coaching or teaching service, feel free to drop me a line using my contact form at the top of my blog.

    Affiliate Marketing Sales Tips

    The Importance of Selling What You Love in Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing Sales Tips

    Tips to Help Newbie Affiliates Start Selling Online

    It would be far too easy for an early tip of the day to be to choose something to sell which is going to make you a fast profit.

    Certainly you need to focus your marketing and your ideas on something which will, well, sell; otherwise, you might as well get a free blog and ramble on there!

    However, in the world of the internet, there is always someone (many, many someones) who wants something, so it’s much easier to not just sell what you know will sell, but branch out to what you love to sell.

    Ultimately, selling what you know and love may well show you a higher degree of satisfaction and success than simply churning out marketing material for whatever is the trendiest thing at the moment. So why should you sell what you love?

    Passion Sells

    Have you ever read, studied, visited a place, seen a seminar and/or written about something which you truly love? It’s much easier to sustain your work when you feel strongly about it. Furthermore, it’s much easier to transmit your passion through your work and when you do that, more people are convinced to follow you, buy what you’re selling and become a fan of your work which means you get to build a loyal customer base. Customers and readers will be able to tell if you actually feel positive towards whatever you’re selling or if you’re just selling it because it’s the latest money spinner and many will respond accordingly. While having a few projects that are done simply because it is popular may work fine, the one which is done out of love may well be your money spinner over time.

    Facing the Tough Times Ahead

    Affiliate marketing isn’t necessarily an easy job. In fact, contrary to advertisements and glittery ‘gurus’, it’s downright hard! It can be boring, lonely, frustrating, time consuming and ultimately, fruitless. Add the layer of marketing something you could care less about and the other emotions are multiplied!

    When you enjoy whatever it is you are marketing, when you believe in it and when you are passionate about what you’re doing, it’s a lot easier to slog through the slow periods, the frustrating times and the boring times. It’s much easier to write the articles, design the sites and trawl for advertisers to fill your pockets in return for your web space when you enjoy what you’re doing.

    This also means it’s easier to stick with because another thing that the ‘gurus’ won’t tell you is: this kind of thing takes the time and patience.

    Hire Like-Minded People

    There’s a reason why many affiliate marketers hire ‘experts’ or ‘passionate’ people to write or do work on their sites. These people will do top notch work that brings in more customers because they love their work and they love the topics at hand. They’ll feel more pride in their work, more connected to what you’re doing and overall, do a better job with your sites. Furthermore, if you decide to move on or you burn out (hey, it can happen!), those you hire will be more likely to take up the slack because they will feel they have an emotional investment as well as the monetary one.

    While you may want to have a few sites which are dedicated to things that are popular and sought after (whether you actually care about it or not), it’s also a good idea to dedicate some of your effort into things you feel passionate about. They become great places to refuel your creative energies and ideas, places where you can truly be yourself and pursue what you love and may ultimately make you the most money and bring you the most satisfaction. So figure out what you love and try selling it! If nothing else, you’ll have a great deal more fun with it.

    How to Get Connected in Affiliate Marketing

    Tips to Get Connected as an Affiliate Marketer

    How to Get Connected in Affiliate Marketing

    Tips for Getting Connected in Affiliate Marketing

    There is something which many people who tout the ‘working for yourself’ and ‘working from home’ shtick fail to mention: it’s lonely.

    Working from home (or from Starbucks, your trailer, etc.) means doing pretty well everything by yourself. No co-workers to commiserate with (unless you have that good a relationship with people you have subcontracted work to), no office parties and no work buddies to hang out with for a beer after an eight hour shift.

    After simple business failures, loneliness is one of the big reasons why many people end up quitting this life altogether and go back to working for someone else.

    Humans thrive on interaction-without it, it’s all too easy to feel depressed, cut off, lonely and without purpose. As an affiliate marketer, it’s very important to stay connected so that your business can thrive.

    So how can you stay connected as an affiliate marketer?

    Getting Connected on Social Media

    You should already be using social media as a way to get information out there about your business. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest or something else, social media should already be a part of your strategy when it comes to getting customers and getting the word out there about what you’re doing.

    But what about for yourself? Social media can also be used to do all kinds of things to make you feel less cut off from your fellow man. Of course you have your personal accounts where you can maintain friendships, but you can do something similar to ‘work buddies’ on your business accounts. Do this by promoting conversations with the things you post and then take part in those conversations. Hold fun contests that aren’t necessarily related to your business, but may also be related to things you enjoy such as sports, television shows and other hobbies. And of course, keep an eye out for events around your area that you can attend which will help both you and your business grow.

    Take Part in Events

    Surprised by this? There are plenty of seminars, conferences, get-togethers and meetings for affiliate marketers and others working in the online world. Many of them tend to be held in huge cities such as Las Vegas, but there are others in smaller communities once you start digging around for them. Take part in some of them!

    You’ll make new business contacts, learn some new stuff to help you prosper and make some new friends. It’s also a great chance to commiserate about working online, just as you would in any workplace. And if you cannot find something that is directly related, go for something more indirect: my writer for example attends a writer’s group where she lives on a quasi-regular basis. It’s nothing to do with work writing, but it helps to connect with other writers. And of course, I’ve attended seminars and work conferences all over the place, including the big ones in places like Las Vegas. They’re fun and helpful!

    Balance is Key – Don’t Get Buried In Your Work

    This is a classic mistake that many, many affiliate marketers and other online workers make: they work all day, every day because the boundary between home life and work life becomes completely blurred. But working too long has been shown to cause higher instances of depression, exhaustion, loneliness and resentment. This is the one thing where the ads for affiliate marketers get it right: one of the benefits of working online is that you can have more free time so long as you manage your time properly:

    • Establish clear boundaries between your work life and your home life, either by working in a dedicated part of your home or by clearly delineating hours of work
    • Clearly establish what days and hours you will work and which days and hours you won’t. My writer won’t work weekends and I fully support that. Everyone needs a break!
    • Take time out every day to connect with other parts of your life, either by enjoying your hobbies, socializing with others and relaxing.
    • Don’t forget that you can bring your computer to travel with you and do a bit of work whenever you want! If you’re going to be sending hours travelling anyway to get somewhere great, you can spend a bit of that time making money for the vacation. Just don’t forget to actually have a vacation!
    • Be firm about your work life and the rest of your life. Some people may try to push you into working more and on their schedule, but as long as you are firm and consistent, this won’t last forever.

    Just like working anywhere else: a rested and connected affiliate marketer is a productive and happy one!

    Working online is ironically a lonely business if you don’t take the initiative and the time to make sure you stay connected to others. Take part in your own social media campaigns, seek out other marketers and others in your business and take the time to enjoy the things you love. You’ll feel much better in your work, do better work and you won’t bow down to depression and loneliness. So have fun with your business and get to know your fellow marketers!

    Here is a List of Some Really Great Marketing Conferences to Attend:

    Starting with my all time favorite affiliate networking event, Affiliate Summit, where I’ve presented and spoken on panels a few times.

  • Affiliate Summit – http://www.affiliatesummit.com/
  • Commission Junction University (CJU) – https://www.cj.com/cjuniversity
  • ShareASale Think Tank – http://shareasale.com/thinktank/2014/index.cfm
  • Pubcon – http://www.pubcon.com/
  • LeadsCon – Las Vegas Nevada – http://leadscon.com/
  • Canada Marketing Summit – http://canadamarketingsummit.ca/
  • There are many more great conferences to attend and the key is to get out there, go to the industry conferences and start meeting people.

    If you are a conference organizer and would like to have your conference feature on my blog then go ahead and get hold of me using the contact form on the “Contact Colin” page.